Describe your business?

Budget Blinds is more than just blinds. We can do any type of window covering for your home as well as your business. We come to your home or you can come to our showroom – whatever works best for our clients.

Why you do your business (describe your passion for the business)

Years ago my husband Peter and I owned a craft business specializing in home décor items.   We always dreamed of owning our own business with a small store front in a vintage building. Sometimes life takes you in strange directions. Here we are with our own business in home décor in an old building. We love making our customers happy and giving them beautiful window coverings.

How has Dufferin Women in Business / GDACC benefited your business?

Brenda Wartha

Brenda Wartha

I think DWIB has given me an outlet for meeting other business women. When I first joined our business I worked from home and felt very isolated. DWIB helped with that. Now that I have a store front I still enjoy having an outlet to meet and network with other business women. It has helped boost my confidence and made me stretch out of my comfort zone on occasions.

What is the best piece of advice or business tip you would give to businesses in Dufferin County?

Join the Chamber and participate in as many events as you can. Remember what you give out will come back to you. Maybe not today maybe not tomorrow, but it will work. Give back to your community as much as your business/life will permit. Remember the people of any community you work in support your business. Have patience. Greatness doesn’t happen overnight.