Describe your business?

We offer comprehensive financial planning that covers day to day living, which include cash flow planning/budgeting; risk management; education planning; retirement planning and life style transition planning.  We also offer modular planning, i.e. a person/family might only be interested in one area of the financial plan (insurance, investments, Life style transition, etc).


Linda Amour Grant

Linda Amour Grant

Why do you do your business? 

Helping people make better financial choices; choices that are appropriate for them and their specific situation.  I believe in educating my clients, and working with them through every stage of their lives.  Helping clients to see the big picture – to see beyond this moment, this day – to realize their financial and non-financial dreams/goals/aspirations – Turning dreams into reality.


How has Dufferin Women in Business / DBOT benefited your business? 

Meeting and speaking with women in difference economic, career and cultural background further emphasizes the need for my services.  DWIB provide the channel by which I get to meet the people that require my services, and vice versa – the people who require my services get to meet and know me in a non-challenging atmosphere.


What is the best piece of advice or business tip you would give to businesses in Dufferin County? 

Never give up. Get in touch with your intuition, and believe in yourself.