Spotlight on Dufferin Women in Business

Describe your business?

Tammy Schneider GM/Publisher SNAP Dufferin

Tammy Schneider
SNAP Dufferin

SNAP Dufferin is the “good news” paper in Dufferin County that focuses on positive, feel good events in the community. We highlight everyone’s contribution to the betterment of life in Dufferin, support local business and sing the praises of our many volunteers and non profit workers.


SNAP satisfies my natural curiosity to find out about other people’s careers, hobbies and passions. It is a special behind the scenes look at what motivates someone to open a business or a volunteer to give countless hours to a cause, coach, fundraise. I love the opportunity to meet many new people and believe everyone I encounter enriches my life in some way.


How has Dufferin Women in Business / GDACC benefited your business?

When I started SNAP more than 5 ½ years ago I needed to meet as many local business people as possible so immediately began attending Dufferin Women in Business lunches and other chamber events. I’m not a “hard sell” sort of girl so the lunches provided me with a forum to meet many potential new clients in a relaxed and non-confrontational manner. DWIB helped move my business to the next level in much less time than I would have expected – every business community should have such a group.


What is the best piece of advice or business tip you would give to businesses in Dufferin County?

I wish there was just one secret that made the difference. Before you open your business: make sure to have an accurate and honest business plan. Love what you do – you’ll be eating, sleeping and dreaming about work for the first 18 months and if you are committed to your dream you will succeed – otherwise burnout is a real concern.

Finally – network, network, network. The more people you know the more you widen your circle of business contacts. An added plus – your larger network will connect you with wise mentors and sounding boards for ideas – a new business owner can never have enough of these!