Written by Natalie Merritt-Broderick
Follow up to Oct 18/17 DWIB Event.


  • Know the importance of your service / product
  • Be authentic
  • Know your audience
  • Selling isn’t about you, it’s about the client
  • Be passionate about your service / product
  • Confidence comes with practice
  • Learn from people you admire
  • Think of the interaction as fun and exciting
  • Engage people when telling them about your product / service
  • Rapport – build a connection with the other person


Things to consider when speaking to others.

  • Having notes when speaking is an individual choice – if you feel comfortable and well versed in a topic and can ensure all you want to cover can be done without notes – awesome
  • Filler words – they take away from your communication and distract others from getting the full value of what you have to offer – examples are um, ah, so, you know
  • Be organized
  • Be clear in your message
  • Avoid acronyms
  • Speak clearly and use words and/or terminology the other person will understand
  • Keep eye contact – people like to know they have your attention
  • Humour – know when to use it and in the right context
  • Speed of talk – slow vs fast
  • Volume of speech – loud vs soft
  • Hand gestures, use if appropriate
  • Practice in front of others and ask for constructive feedback
  • Talk in front of a mirror or to your plants, practice anyway you can
  • If you make an error, correct if necessary – and don’t apologize unless ‘truly’ warranted – we say sorry too much in Canada
  • Cell phones – should be on silent or turned off